LMS Highways Equipment – Vacuum Lifting Plate

For many years LMS Highways has been using a vacuum lifting system for fast and efficient concrete bay removal. Vacuum lifting equipment is widely used in many industrial sectors for the lifting and handling of materials that have a flat or smooth surface. In particular, materials such as concrete slabs, metal or glass panes and pipes etc. can be easily lifted and handled using vacuum lifting equipment.

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Busy A1 Buckden Roundabout Receives Essential Maintenance Work

Starting in June LMS Highways assisted in the A1 Buckden Roundabout major renewal project which consisted of resurfacing, road stud replacement and line marking. LMS Highways were on site to provide the concrete bay and deep surface removal, sub-base replacement and disposal portion of this project.

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LMS Highways receives letter of recognition for their contribution to the Construction Works Framework (CWF) contract.

Over the past year and a half LMS Highways has been working with Costain on the Area 4 Interim Construction Works Framework (CWF) contract delivering various highway repair services. Locations included; A21 Kippington & Dibden Lane, A2 Boughton and M2 Colewood Underbridge.

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Director Paul Winter becomes chair of the new RSTA Maintenance of Concrete Pavements committee.

In recent months members of the RSTA – Road Surface Treatments Association, have voted to appoint LMS Highways Director Paul Winter as chair of their Maintenance of Concrete Pavements committee. Read more

Managing Director Paul Winter has recently completed the Land’s End to John O’Groats cycle challenge for Charity.

The Land’s End to John O’Groats Cycle Challenge is a cycle across the country using national network routes, covering a distance of 1189 miles (1913km) which he completed in an impressive 14 days.

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Managing Director Paul Winter will be participating in the Land’s End to John O’Groats cycle challenge for Charity.

For many years Paul has been an avid cycler, saying that cycling is his go to for head space health. – “I find time on the bike is good for me in so many ways, both physically and mentally but also being goal orientated I’m best with a long term personally goal in mind. This one has been on the cards for a while and has kept me on the straight(ish) and narrow(ish).”

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LMS Highways deliver road surface improvement projects in Ashford, Kent using a rapid set concrete.

The package repair projects were delivered to both Brunswick Road and Henwood Industrial Estate in Ashford as part of Kent County Councils on-going maintenance and improvement of the highway network. Read more

LMS Highways deliver a variety of repairs to a busy industrial estate in Kent.

The team have been refurbishing sections of Henwood Industrial Estate, work included a variety of repair services such as, concrete bay replacements, ironwork, thin bond repairs, joint sealing and road marking. This perfectly demonstrates our unique ability to deliver a wide range of services under one point of accountability.

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Three weekends of CRCP Carriageway Repairs have come to a close for LMS Highways.

Starting in mid June and running over three consecutive weekends the LMS Highways team have installed over 113m³ of CRCP repairs and 548lm of joint sealing to both the East & Westbound carriageways of the A2, Boughton Bypass.

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