LMS Highways Equipment – Vacuum Lifting Plate

For many years LMS Highways has been using a vacuum lifting system for fast and efficient concrete bay removal. Vacuum lifting equipment is widely used in many industrial sectors for the lifting and handling of materials that have a flat or smooth surface. In particular, materials such as concrete slabs, metal or glass panes and pipes etc. can be easily lifted and handled using vacuum lifting equipment.

Vacuum lifters are capable of providing precision lifting results with great cost and time efficiency, and enhanced safety. The lifting plates powerful hydraulic suction pad can secure loads and maintain a fixed hold at all times until in the required position. This innovative equipment negates the need for hooks, chains or clams used in traditional lifting equipment. Allowing everyone to remain at a safe distance and in turn greatly reducing the risk of injury.

Benefits of a vacuum lifting plate:

  • Various sizes and lifting capabilities
  • Time efficient
  • Cost efficient
  • Safer than traditional lifting equipment

The video below shows LMS crews using our 5 tonne vacuum plate in both a full motorway road closure and in an urban residential setting.