LMS Highways Services – Rapid Concrete Bay Replacements & Repair

LMS Highways are a national supplier of specialist highways maintenance projects including high early strength concrete repair. Using rapid repair technology developed over 30 years in the Highways sector, the LMS team are able to remove and reinstate concrete bays within an impressive six-hour period.

This fast delivery time is achieved by combining our vacuum lifting system which allows us to remove concrete bays in large continuous slabs and a rapid cure concrete formula which as the name suggests, has an incredibly fast curing period which doesn’t require conventional methods of heating or long hardening time which can be between 7 and 28 days. Making this service incredibly desirable for clients with warehousing, distribution and service yard refurbishment requirements as it ensures minimal disruption to daily operations.


  • Minimal disruption
  • Hard wearing
  • No need for long concrete curing periods
  • Long expected service life
  • Easy to repair and maintain

Ideal For

  • Highly trafficked areas
  • Loading bays
  • Factories & industrial sites
  • Airports
  • Stock & service yards
  • Access roads

“Paul Winter and Paul Burton have been instrumental in the excellent planning and for facilitating multiple weekend phases on the A2 Boughton CRCP scheme. This has allowed the network to be put back in a much better state of repair than planned by undertaken huge volumes of additional work within the weekend closures, thus minimising disruption to the road users.” – Rapid CRCP Concrete Repairs for Costain.