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Package Repair Projects Delivered in Kent

LMS Highways deliver road surface improvement projects in Ashford, Kent using a rapid set concrete. The package repair projects were delivered to both Brunswick Road and Henwood Industrial Estate in Ashford as part of Kent County Councils on-going maintenance and improvement of the highway network.


Henwood Industrial Estate Repairs

LMS Highways deliver a variety of repairs to a busy industrial estate in Kent. The team have been refurbishing sections of Henwood Industrial Estate, work included a variety of repair services such as, concrete bay replacements, ironwork, thin bond repairs, joint sealing and road marking. This perfectly demonstrates our unique ability to deliver a wide […]

CRCP Repairs – A2 Boughton Bypass Phase 1

Three weekends of CRCP Carriageway Repairs have come to a close for LMS Highways. Starting in mid June and running over three consecutive weekends the LMS Highways team have installed over 113m³ of CRCP repairs and 548lm of joint sealing to both the East & Westbound carriageways of the A2, Boughton Bypass.

#01. You Ask, We Answer – What is CRCP?

LMS Highways frequently receives various questions about our unique industry and technical processes, so we have decided to make a series called ‘You Ask, We Answer’. In this series we will be addressing your frequently asked questions and answering them as honestly and specifically as possible. If you have any questions you are itching to […]

Ironwork Replacement Project

LMS Highways deliver various Ironwork replacements throughout Kent as part of a Road Renewal Contract. Working on behalf of GW Highways for Kent County Council, the LMS Highways team have been part of delivering phase 1 of the road asset renewal contract which consisted of 25 schemes in Kent.

CRCP Carriageway Repairs – M60

LMS Highways proves their efficiency and precision in delivering CRCP concrete repairs. Recently working on behalf of Balvac the LMS Highways team delivered a programme of CRCP repairs to the M60 North and Southbound carriageway. As we work through the list of projects that have been accelerated to be delivered whilst the roads are quieter, […]

Concrete Maintenance Project – M53

Starting in early February, LMS Highways have been working on behalf of Balvac to deliver a Concrete Maintenance Project located on the M53. Working between junction 11 – 12 on the M53 LMS Highway were instructed to remove old, damaged sections of concrete carriageway and prepare the subbase in preparation for the road to receive […]