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Concrete Bay Replacements

Concrete Bay Replacements

With decades of experience the LMS Highways team are extremely proficient in delivering concrete bay replacements. This service can be provided in a variety of time sensitive locations such as a; carriageway, runway, taxiway and distribution centre.

Our promise to you

  • Works completed under night or day time closures
  • Concrete bays are pre-cut
  • Bays will be removed and reinstated within 6 hours
  • No need for long concrete curing periods
  • Minimal disruption
  • Long expected service life


The damaged concrete bays are pre-cut into four sections and removed using our five-tonne vacuum plate and/or our custom built lifting bucket. Bays are then prepped with a waterproof membrane and dowel bars which are drilled in using an E-Z drill, AKA a slab riding rig.

Concrete bays are then reinstated using a rapid cure concrete which can be trafficked in as little as four hours.

Altogether this process is carried out and ready for re-opening within a six hour period. With these impressive timescale LMS Highways can ensure a minimal disruption even when delivering within time restricted schedules.

Maintenance & Life Expectancy

Concrete is designed and installed in a way which allows liquids such as oil and diesel to run off the slabs and into pollution drains which are located along the roads. This design ensures no corrosive liquids are absorbed into the concrete, maintaining its structural integrity.

Concrete has been known to harden over time and be tolerant to underlying movement without causing any visible surface damage. Whereas asphalt is very susceptible to softening and any substrate movement will be reflected up through to the surface causing cracking.

Therefore with the proper installation and minimal maintenance our concrete bay replacements can have a life span of around 30-50 years. 

Concrete Bay Replacements
Concrete Bay Replacements
Concrete Bay Replacements

LMS Team

LMS Highways has been delivering Concrete Bay Replacements for many years. Click here to read one of our relating case studies.

If you have any questions regarding this service or have a project to discuss then please get in touch.