LMS Highways receives letter of recognition for their contribution to the Construction Works Framework (CWF) contract.

Over the past year and a half LMS Highways has been working with Costain on the Area 4 Interim Construction Works Framework (CWF) contract delivering various highway repair services. Locations included; A21 Kippington & Dibden Lane, A2 Boughton and M2 Colewood Underbridge.

Costain recently reached out to LMS Highways with a subcontractor recognition letter, to thank us for the various schemes undertaken during the course of the CWF contract. Out of 7 subcontractors working within this contract LMS were the only ones to receive such letter of recognition.

M2 – Excavation and Installation of New Formwork

“As a contract, we have reached out to our team for feedback on Subcontractor’s performance and any key personnel that we would personally like to mention. We would like to acknowledge the attitude, professionalism and collaboration of your supervisors, manager and administration team in the successful delivery of the schemes you have been involved with.”

A2 – CRCP Concrete and Crack & Joint Repair

“Paul Winter and Paul Burton have been instrumental in the excellent planning and for facilitating multiple weekend phases on the A2 Boughton CRCP scheme. This has allowed the network to be put back in a much better state of repair than planned by undertaken huge volumes of additional work within the weekend closures, thus minimising disruption to the road users. This was also recognised by National Highways at the time as a huge team effort involving collaboration and dedication of the whole team at a time when most would have been at home with their families.

A21 – V Channel Drainage Removal

“It is through the actions and behaviours of key individuals as well as the culture, commitment and high standards of our supply chain that we can all go home safely after each shift and disruption to the general public is kept to a minimum. Thanks again for your contribution to the success of the schemes undertaken during the course of this contract, it is appreciated.”