Our joint repair crew recently spent three nights delivering several full depth bridge joint repairs to a carriageway in Plymouth, Devon.

Asphaltic Plug Joints (APS’) are the refurbishment of existing bridge joints. This type of repair includes the resurfacing and replacement for failed joints either like for like or by replacing with a Nosing Joint, which for a small price increase gives a greater lifespan and requires less maintenance.

Working within a single lane closure, our team was able to re-instate two full-depth repairs per night, with the process from removal to completion taking an average of 5 hours. This rapid completion time allows for a shorter road closure and ensures the road is re-opened to users by the morning.

LMS offers a range of solutions for bridge refurbishments including-

  • Parapet upgrades; removing the existing and upgrade.
  • Bridge deck preparation; remove existing water proofing and repair existing deck ready for new waterproofing and overlay.
  • Concrete repairs to existing abutments and soffits.

The LMS Team

We are a highly experienced and mobile team with decades of experience. We pride ourselves on our quality of service and ability to deliver projects safely, on-budget and on-time.

For more information on bridge repairs, please view our Bridge Repairs page or contact us on 01626 331771.