At LMS Highways we proudly offer a variety of Highway repair services across the UK, most frequently delivering concrete repairs, specialist surfacing and various line marking. Recently we’ve experienced an increasing demand for ironwork repairs.

Over the past few months our crews have been delivering urgent ironwork repairs along main trunk roads throughout the UK. Working overnight within a road or lane closure the team will remove, re-bed and reinstall the ironwork using a specialist mastic material which is designed to withstand heavy trafficking and provide a long service life.

The LMS teams are highly trained and experienced in ironwork replacements which enables them to complete each repair quickly and efficiently. Without any complications the process can take as little as 2.5 hours, this allows our crew to deliver multiple replacements within one shift.

Step by Step Process

Why LMS Highways?

The LMS Highways team are ISO 9001 sector 7 scheme accredited, RSTA (Road Surface Treatment Association) members and approved Roadtech suppliers making us highly qualified to deliver these complex repairs whilst ensuring safety, efficiency and longevity.

  • Fast delivery of works
  • Cost effective
  • Long service life
  • Roads are re-opened to users by the morning
  • Highly trained and accredited team
  • National coverage

For more information on our unique Ironwork Repairs, give us a call on: 01626 331771.