Congratulations to the LMS Highways M20 site team and our refined supply chain for receiving a Highways England Award.

This year LMS Highways worked as a tier 2 contractor for A-one+ providing extensive rapid concrete repairs to the M20 junction 8-9. Throughout this project we received a health & safety site audit from Highways England.

At LMS we are always proud to be refining and streamlining our processes on site and wish to offer a massive congratulations our sub-contractor Colin Parsons, who has recently been awarded a Highways England Blue Star Award.

The award has been given in recognition of;

  1. A professional attitude towards the setting and maintaining of high standards in site and process safety.
  2. Self-funding of innovation, design and fabrication of equipment used.
  3. Constant attention to the possible improvements in processes, plant and equipment.
  4. Increase in process safety and a reduction in process time.

This award acknowledges the hard work put in by the team, in successfully raising the bar in their standards and procedures while continuing to look for improvements.