During these challenging and uncertain times, one message from the UK Government is clear – Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.

Maintaining a safe and usable highway network is crucial to ensure our key workers can continue travelling to places of work and essential deliveries can be made throughout the country to those in need. To guarantee this remains possible, LMS Highways crews are working across the country providing operationally essential road repairs. Most recently working for A-one+ Area-4 delivering major motorway repairs on the M20 Junction 8 – 9 which included several full depth, rapid concrete bay replacements all whilst complying with the construction leadership council’s guidelines for COVID-19.

By using our rapid technology for not only concrete removal but also curing the team were able to complete all complex repairs within the strict time constrains.

This process starts with removing the damaged sections of concrete using a vacuum plate, which is capable of lifting large continuous sections of concrete. Once the damaged concrete is removed, the bay is prepped and filled with a rapid cure concrete which can be trafficked in as little as 4 hours. This impressive curing period enabled the team to keep to the time restricted schedule and reduce the road closure time.

The LMS team

LMS Highways are ISO 9001, sector 7 scheme accredited, making us highly qualified to deliver these complex projects whilst ensuring safety, efficiency and longevity.

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