LMS Highways deliver surface repairs to city centre bus station.

At LMS Highways we usually find ourselves working on major trunk roads delivering highway repairs so when we received a job in Liverpool City Centre, Projects Manager Paul Burton jumped at the opportunity for a new environment with a different set of challenges.

The main challenge we faced during this project was the location, having this project be within an urban area means there was an added concern with noise. Due to this, prior to work commencing LMS Highways provided a site visit to carry out noise assessments for the diamond saw cutting – used to cut out the existing concrete pavement. EZ drilling – which is the process of installing steel dowel bars along the new concrete bay edge. And the concrete beam tamp – which is used to compact the concrete before it fully cures to enhance its strength.

All of which were recorded to be under the legal noise limit and the go ahead could be given to continue on with the project using our tried and true specialist equipment.

This project was delivered over 8 night shifts with noise restrictions coming into play between the hours of 6pm – 7:30am. Despite being under the legal decibel limit for working LMS decided to further reduce the noise by installing temporary sound barriers around the station which help reduce the noise by at least 5 decibels.

The work delivered to Liverpool bus station included removal of existing concrete pavement using a combination of vacuum lifting plate and bespoke lifting bucket. Installation of replacement bays, which was a total of approximately 80 cubic metres off fast curing concrete. And approximately 190 metres of various crack & joint repairs throughout the site.

The LMS Team

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