LMS Highways deliver a variety of repairs to a busy industrial estate in Kent.

The team have been refurbishing sections of Henwood Industrial Estate, work included a variety of repair services such as, concrete bay replacements, ironwork, thin bond repairs, joint sealing and road marking. This perfectly demonstrates our unique ability to deliver a wide range of services under one point of accountability.

The project was estimated to take 4 weeks and programmed to be completed during night shifts. This was to ensure little to no disruption is caused to the day to day running for the 20+ businesses located on the industrial estate.

Starting in early July, work began with marking out the damaged sections of concrete and removing these bays using our vacuum lifting plate, which is capable of lifting large continuous sections of concrete without the need for breaking down in advance. Alongside this the ironwork manholes and gullies were removed in preparation to be reinstated once the surrounding concrete had been installed.

Once the damaged concrete is removed, the bay is prepped and filled with a rapid cure concrete which can be trafficked in as little as 4 hours. This impressive curing period enabled the team to keep to the time restricted schedule and reduce road closure time.


Shifts on Site

681 Tonnes

Concrete Removed

2,111 Linear Metres

Thin Bond Repairs Installed

*figures are approximates.

As we near the end of the project, the crew begins the finishing touches which include joint sealing and road marking. Joint sealing is a process in which a cold or hot BBA HAPAS material is applied directly into a joint to seal the surface, this prevents water ingress and in turn helps extends the service life of the road surface.

With this correct installation and minimal maintenance our concrete bay replacements have an estimated service life over 30 years. 

The LMS Team

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