LMS Highways frequently receives various questions about our unique industry and technical processes, so we have decided to make a series called ‘You Ask, We Answer’. In this series we will be addressing your frequently asked questions and answering them as honestly and specifically as possible. If you have any questions you are itching to have answered (and are within our capabilities), then please let us know!

What is CRCP?

Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP), was designed in America back in the 80’s with the thought that more reinforcement means thinner slabs and less concrete could be used. CRCP is constructed with longitudinal steel reinforcing bars placed within the concrete at 150mm centres which is continuous along the entire length of the pavement without any transverse joints.

The result is a continuous, smooth-riding surface capable of withstanding the heaviest traffic loads and adverse weather conditions. A number of highway agencies choose to use CRCP in heavy urban traffic corridors due to its long service life benefits greatly outweigh the costs.


  • Cost efficient
  • Heavy duty
  • Repairable


  • Prone to transverse cracking
  • Water ingress can rust the steal

LMS Highways have been delivering CRCP over many years – click here to see our latest project. If you have any further questions regarding CRCP or have a project to discuss, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.