LMS Highways working on behalf of Coupe Line recently visited Associated British Ports, Southampton, to provide Fill & Overband Crack Repair to their damaged port access road.

Before AB Ports could have the excessively damaged access road re-surfaced, any crack deeper than 3mm required Joint Sealing to ensure a successful finish on the new road surface.

Throughout the two days working on this site LMS were required to pass through security, signing in on every arrival and out on each exit as well as being required to work within traffic management, involving the closure of one side of the road at a time due to this being a busy live route.

Firstly the crew prepped the cracks by using a thermic lance to blow out all debris and loose stone, in doing this it ensures a clean application. Once the cracks were clear, they implemented approximately 2,000 metres of hand laid, hot applied, BBA/HAPAS certified, bituminous inlaid crack repair system.

This repair system is ideal for repairing cracks 5-40mm and also particularly suitable for sealing cracks on surfaces that are due to be overlaid by asphalt, thereby helping prolong the service life. The material used sets to a tough, rubber-like consistency, which maintains flexibility through a wide range of temperatures.

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