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    Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing, logistic and distribution companies need well maintained and safe environments in order to run their operations efficiently with minimal downtime. LMS Highways has a proven, award winning history working in time retrained, space restricted, challenging environments to keep operations (whether airports, motorways or private operations) running as effectively as possible.

Rapid Concrete Bay Repair & Replacement

Using rapid repair technology, developed over 30 years in the Highways sector, the LMS team are able to remove and reinstate concrete bays within an impressive six-hour period making this service incredibly desirable for clients with warehousing, distribution and service yard refurbishment requirements as it ensures minimal disruption to daily operations. Once all concrete repairs are completed, all longitude and transverse joints are sealed with a heavy duty, fuel resistant, cold applied, polyurethane sealant to prevent water ingress and extend the life of the concrete


  • Fibre reinforced concrete for added strength
  • No need for long concrete curing periods
  • Minimal disruption
  • Long expected service life

Ideal For

  • Highly trafficked areas
  • Loading bays
  • Factories & industrial sites
  • Stock & service yards
  • Access roads
  • Concrete hard standings

Brushed Concrete – Pavement Quality (PQ) Finish

Brush finished concrete is suitable for hard wearing surfaces such as areas that receive substantial levels of vehicle & foot traffic, external yards, airports and much more. This technique provides a high slip resistance and has great wearing properties. The finish is achieved by running a wire-bristled brush over the newly laid concrete surface once it’s been levelled, creating a textured appearance.

  • Great wearing properties for highly trafficked areas
  • Brush finish concrete ensures a high level of grip on outdoor surfaces
  • Can improve drainage by increasing water run-off

Crack & Joint Repair

Our modern plant offers both hot and cold applied BBA HAPAS material solutions for long lasting repairs on tarmac and concrete surfaces.

  • BBA HAPAS approved
  • Cost- effective repairs
  • Extremely heavy duty
  • Long life expectancy
  • Fuel resistant
  • Flexible – we can source from a number of leading industry suppliers
  • Prevents water ingress

Internal & External Lining

We can offer a wide variety of warehousing and distribution yard solutions including internal and external health & safety markings, walkways and forklift routes.

Our full range offers several options regarding materials and application techniques, these include hot applied thermoplastic by either screed, extrusion or spray. MMA which is a very hard wearing resin based material and paints.


  • Very hard wearing
  • Good for hard wearing and high trafficked areas
  • Non slip MMA for walkways
  • High reflectivity


  • Various colours
  • Fast curing
  • Glass bead can be added for grip & reflectivity
  • Extrusion, screed or spray


  • CR paint or Appoxy
  • Various colours
  • Clear coat for longevity available
  • Spay & roller application