Cracks in the road are mostly caused by wear and tear from heavy traffic, these cracks and fretted joints need to be sealed to prevent water ingress into the road surface and thus help prolong the life or the carriageway.

Our modern plant offers both hot and cold applied BBA HAPAS material solutions for long lasting repairs on tarmac and concrete surfaces.


Suitable for narrow cracks up to 5mm wide. Fast to install, seal and prevents water ingress and is a low cost preventative maintenance tool.

Fill & Overband

For cracks up to 40mm wide, prevents water ingress while reinstating the surface profile and preventing long term skid resistant values (SRV).

Inlaid Repairs

Suitable for either single or multiple cracks, typically installed at widths of 100-250mm wide and 20-40mm deep. Used to repair cracks and fretted joints that are at risk of degenerating into more expensive repairs.

Thin Bond Repairs

Used for fixing thin surface cracking due to pavement movement, repairing broken slab corners and to reform levels between adjacent slabs with modern BBA HAPAS materials and dedicated plant.

Sami Repair

Designed to be installed before an asphalt overlay, a variety of screed or recessed layers to help prevent reflective cracking and seal the joint in the surfacing layer below the wearing course to prevent water ingress.

Joint Sealing

Offering a variety of cost-effective systems for joints using both hot and cold sealants including saw cut & seal, kerb edge sealing and mastic joint sealing for slot drain repair and gantry walls etc.

Asphaltic Plug Joints (APJ)

Refurbishments of existing bridge joints, including repairs following resurfacing and replacement services for failed joints either like for like or replacing with a Nosing Joint, which for a small price increase gives a greater lifespan and requires less maintenance.


  • BBA HAPAS approved
  • Cost- effective repairs
  • Long life expectancy
  • Flexible – we can source from a number of leading industry suppliers

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