Concrete Bay Replacements

The LMS team are vastly experienced when it comes to removing damaged sections of carriageway, runway or taxiway and reinstating.

This work is often carried out under a night closure. The damaged concrete bay is pre-cut into four sections and removed using a five-tonne vacuum plate.

The dowels are drilled using an EZ drill, AKA a slab riding rig. The bay is reinstated using a rapid curing concrete and cured ready to hand back the repaired area.

Altogether this process is carried out and ready for opening within an impressive six-hour period.

Our promise to you

  • Works done under night time closures
  • Concrete bays are pre-cut
  • Bays will be removed and reinstated within 6 hours
  • No need for long concrete curing periods
  • Minimal disruption
  • Long expected service life

Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement- CRCP

CRCP is constructed with steel reinforcing bars placed within the concrete, continuously along the entire length of the pavement without any transverse joints. The result is a continuous, smooth-riding surface capable of withstanding the heaviest traffic loads and the most adverse weather conditions. Because of its greater durability, longer life expectancy, and minimal maintenance requirements, CRCP can provide the best long-term value of any pavement type.

Crack & Joint- Deep Concrete Repairs

Localised repairs to carriageway slabs can provide several technical issues hence why whole slabs have previously been replaced rather than repaired. Our solution incorporates cementitious and hot applied materials that repair full depth slabs (including below the rebar) to depths in excess of 300mm, yet can still be installed and opened to traffic within 2-3 hours.

Concrete Bay Replacement- Norfolk

I was very impressed with the process. The level of coordination between the gangs is very impressive to watch and there is clearly a very strong leadership from the site supervisor. I observed the pre-shift briefing and was impressed with the level of detail and evident safety culture. In addition, I was very pleased with the limited noise from the vacuum lifting system and how quick this part was completed, as I’m sure the local residents would agree! To remove a damaged bay and to reinstate a brand new one in such a short period of time is an amazing achievement and we have identified a number of further projects that will benefit from this process. It appears to be a very viable long-term structural solution for the concrete sections.

Concrete Bay Replacement- Kent

We were very impressed with the work at Cranborne Avenue and believe residents have been quite satisfied by the way this was handled. Not only was the work completed efficiently, on-time and on-budget but noise was kept to a minimum and it’s clear to see that the LMS Civil Solutions team have refined their processes very well to keep things on track. It is of particular value to us and our customer that LMS were able to cope with all the requirements on site and to provide a single point of accountability that works well.

The LMS Team

We are a highly experienced and mobile team who pride themselves on being able to solve challenges our competitors usually decline due to using our specialised, modern plant to deliver projects safely, on-budget and on-time.

If you think you have a challenge for our team then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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