LMS Civil Solutions has brought together a team of specialists with over 60 years experience in concreting. Constructing FRC structures under challenging conditions to a high specification and within programme is when we thrive the most.

We are proud so say we have the ability to produce high quality work on structures or hand standing areas, internal or external.

The LMS team will strive to save our clients money and most importantly time, particularly if we can have early contractor involvement.

Experience Matters

With 60 years of concreting experience the LMS team are always prepared to take on new, demanding and potentially time sensitive FRC jobs.


Salt Barn- First Phase

“To be fair to Paul and the LMS Civil Solutions team, we gave them a challenge and they’ve run with it and delivered to specification and on-time for the initial phase. I’m delighted so far and look forward to completing the project with them”.

The LMS Team

We are a highly experienced and mobile team who pride themselves on being able to solve challenges our competitors usually decline due to using our specialised, modern plant to deliver projects safely, on-budget and on-time.

If you think you have a challenge for our team then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.