Bridges are important, valuable structures allowing faster and easier communication and transportation within our infrastructure.

They are usually built in challenging and exposed areas, many need urgent repair or refurbishments, particularly due to the increase in traffic frequency and design loads.

Our range of solutions for bridge refurbishments include-

  • Parapet upgrades; removing the existing and upgrade.
  • Bridge deck preparation; remove existing water proofing and repair existing deck ready for new waterproofing and overlay.
  • Concrete repairs to existing abutments and soffits.

Our Civils team are always prepared to execute a range of solutions for bridge refurbishments within many challenging circumstances.

Whether it be simply repairing the bridge deck or completely removing and re-instating the parapets, they are ready to undertake the job.

Asphaltic Plug Joints (APJ)

Refurbishments of existing bridge joints, including repairs following resurfacing and replacement services for failed joints either like for like or replacing with a Nosing Joint, which for a small price increase gives a greater lifespan and requires less maintenance.

The LMS Team

We are a highly experienced and mobile team who pride themselves on being able to solve challenges our competitors usually decline due to using our specialised, modern plant to deliver projects safely, on-budget and on-time.

If you think you have a challenge for our Civils team then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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