Specialist Highways Schemes

At LMS Highways we proudly offer a variety of Highway repair services across the UK, most frequently delivering concrete repairs, specialist surfacing and various line marking. Recently we’ve experienced an increasing demand for ironwork repairs.

Over the past few months our crews have been delivering urgent ironwork repairs along main trunk roads throughout the UK. Working overnight within a road or lane closure the team will remove, re-bed and reinstall the ironwork using a specialist mastic material which is designed to withstand heavy trafficking and provide a long service life.

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Throughout the lockdown, LMS Highways crews have continued to deliver essential works to keep the countries roads and infrastructure fit for purpose. Repairing failing manhole covers is one example of the key services that LMS Highways provides.

Manholes and gullies are often the weak point in a carriageway or trunk road and with the UK’s ever greater traffic flows some ironworks are being subject to loads which they were often not designed to cope with or they have simply reached the end of their lifespan.

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During these challenging and uncertain times, one message from the UK Government is clear – Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.

Maintaining a safe and usable highway network is crucial to ensure our key workers can continue travelling to places of work and essential deliveries can be made throughout the country to those in need. To guarantee this remains possible, LMS Highways crews are working across the country providing operationally essential road repairs. Most recently working for A-one+ Area-4 delivering major motorway repairs on the M20 Junction 8 – 9 which included several full depth, rapid concrete bay replacements all whilst complying with the construction leadership council’s guidelines for COVID-19.

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Image taken from bbc.co.uk

Back in May a light aircraft came down onto the A40 dual carriageway near Abergavenny, Wales. The occupants escaped moments before a fire took hold of the plane. As a result, the concrete carriageway suffered severe damage and required full bay replacement, joint sealing and new road markings.

At LMS Highways we pride ourselves on delivering package works like these which benefit customers with increased accountability, single point of contact and often providing 10-15% savings.

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LMS Highways working on behalf of Coupe Line recently visited Associated British Ports, Southampton, to provide Fill & Overband Crack Repair to their damaged port access road.

Before AB Ports could have the excessively damaged access road re-surfaced, any crack deeper than 3mm required Joint Sealing to ensure a successful finish on the new road surface.

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M20 Concrete Carriageway Repairs- LMS provide tailor made and cost-effective solutions

With the UK facing Brexit uncertainty, Highways England identified the M20 as a key strategic corridor and gateway to Europe. They turned to A-One+ and LMS Highways to find a cost effective and timely solution to repair deteriorating sections of the existing concrete carriageway.

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