Specialist Civils Projects

We can’t believe this was three years ago already! Seems only yesterday we were on the A120 delivering rapid concrete bay replacements.

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Working recently on the M23 northbound near Gatwick Airport. LMS Highways’ concrete bay removal process was put to the test.

The scheme was completed over 4 weekends with partial and full overnight closures resulting in minimised disruption.

Our video shows how the team removed a total of 1,200 tonnes (400 linear metres of concrete) over one weekend.

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Applying our motorway and trunk road concrete bay replacement process into an urban environment.

The LMS team have been working for a main contractor customer in Kent, with the aim of applying their highly successful concrete bay replacement service into a residential and urban setting.

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Just under 2 years ago, the Directors of LMS Highways started to investigate wider opportunities available as a natural extension of their popular and respected highway repair solutions.

Six months later, the company launched LMS Civil Solutions. Enlisting the services of industry-veteran and self-described ‘concrete-nerd’ Paul Burton, ‘Nobby’.

Since the launch at the beginning of 2016, the company has undertaken work across several diverse projects, some of these being standalone civils projects and others were a natural partnership between LMS Highways and LMS Civil Solutions offering ‘kerb to kerb’ highways packages. All having great customer satisfaction in common.

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This work, is a typical example of how LMS Civil Solutions with their knowledge and experience are able to excel and impress in very difficult conditions.

The initial phase of constructing the ring beam and pouring the concrete would normally be allocated 8 weeks for completion. However, for various reasons prior to LMS’s engagement in the project, the team were left with just 3 weeks to complete the initial phase to stay within the challenging programme.

In order to achieve this, LMS’s Paul Burton has been working closely with all and has been playing an important role in the overall project management. He told us:

“The difficulties with the reduced time frame meant that we’ve not only had to work in a reduced operating space along with the other team who are busy assembling the structure, but we’ve also had to ensure that we’re not causing any disruption to the 24/7 operations of this busy network hub. The very hot weather towards the end of this phase has created additional challenges”.

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