Whilst most the country is in lock down and many places remain closed, LMS Highways crews have been making use of the empty roads and car parks.

For many businesses having a car park lined or line markings refreshed can be a challenging task due to the inability to completely close off these areas to customers and staff. Usually this means our crews have to work around cars, cordoning off areas at a time. This can become quite timely and sometimes affect their ability to complete the job that day.

Many companies are taking lock down as their opportunity and most recently we visited Exmouth Deaf Academy. Our crew were able to deliver various line markings throughout their grounds without the need for closures or prior notices.

Line markings provided included; mini-bus parking bay, parking spaces, DDA bays, speed roundels and various lettering.

The LMS Team

LMS Highways offers a full range of line marking solutions using a variety of materials including, hot applied thermoplastic, resin-based materials and paints. With decades of experience and bespoke equipment, we pride ourselves on our quality of service and ability to meet our customers’ requirements.

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