The long-awaited, next stage has finally begun. Businesses and depots are getting ready to get back to work as the lock down begins to ease. The question is, are you covid secure? Is your business, site, depot or facility ready?

LMS Highways can help you ensure that your working environment is compliant and covid secure. Put in place social distancing markings to ensure your offices, delivery yards, outside and inside workplaces are clearly marked and conforming to government guidelines.

With over 30 years experience in the road marking industry, helping businesses ensure their workplaces have the right safety markings, car park markings and now social distancing markings is like a walk in the park to LMS – something we all have learnt to value a lot in the last few weeks!

Covid Secure

Be #CovidSecure with social distancing markings

If you would like to discuss social distancing markings and getting your business compliant, please give Rob or Leon a call on 01626 331 771.

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