While lockdown measures begin to sees many experts believe that social distancing will stay for as long as a year once lockdown is over.

With this in mind do you have the correct social distancing measures in place to ensure you’re protecting your customers, staff and yourself?

Are you confident they are of a sufficient health and safety standard to avoid unwanted slips, trips and falls?

And will they last?

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Social distancing safety markings look like they will be needed for quite a while yet. At the beginning of this pandemic, quick fix temporary tape and markings with spray paint were needed to keep everyone safe and hats off to everyone that’s done it.

However, we need to look at the fact that Covid-19 could be around for the next 6 – 18 months, so we need something that will last, look good and demonstrate that your business is taking this seriously.

Social Distance Markings

Pre-formed markings for social distancing measures

These preformed safety markings were laid today by one of our crews (whilst maintaining social distancing). Preformed markings are great because not only are they visually pleasing they also have the following benefits:

  • Non-slip
  • Hard-wearing and therefore long lasting
  • Highly visible
  • Customisable to your business

Have a look at the Government guidelines and if you would like to discuss what safety markings would be suitable for your business, give Rob or Leon a call on 01626 331 771.

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The long-awaited, next stage has finally begun. Businesses and depots are getting ready to get back to work as the lock down begins to ease. The question is, are you covid secure? Is your business, site, depot or facility ready?

LMS Highways can help you ensure that your working environment is compliant and covid secure. Put in place social distancing markings to ensure your offices, delivery yards, outside and inside workplaces are clearly marked and conforming to government guidelines.


With over 30 years experience in the road marking industry, helping businesses ensure their workplaces have the right safety markings, car park markings and now social distancing markings is like a walk in the park to LMS – something we all have learnt to value a lot in the last few weeks!

Covid Secure

Be #CovidSecure with social distancing markings

If you would like to discuss social distancing markings and getting your business compliant, please give Rob or Leon a call on 01626 331 771.

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